Looking for someone cool t4m



Those things are sweet!

I just tell it like I see it. Attended a fly show this past weekend and enjoyed watching the pro tiers doing their thing.

DryrodAM Thank you macfly55 all compliments graciously accepted. I someobe wait to try them out later on in the year when the top water action gets hot.

Looking for someone cool t4m

Depth will depend on fast you strip them. Certainly much better than painting graffiti on the building we were in.

Looking for someone cool t4m

One tier a boy around 10 years of age was tying some awesome wasps. Have a great weekend.

Looking for someone cool t4m

Hope that you can get out before the hurricane season starts. Thanks so much partner!

Sweet colors too. That flash you put in them will be a killer for those mack's.

They lolking hook point up providing a weedless benefit. Its great to see a young person like that so interested in his work. LOL [ature].

Looking for someone cool t4m

All of the flies I sent are streamers and will ride below the surface. He was real cool and had a lot of stage presence.

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