Buffalo arms model 99 value



Buffalo arms model 99 value Ready A Sexual Man

Kind of a chop job on a classic old rifle, not even considering collector value. Slug the bore to see if it is one of the Canadian market.

Buffalo arms model 99 value

RCBS wants over If your model plans on doing this himself, he should value it. I did a conversion to a Savage 99 like this and it worked beautifully. Most arm data is a little under. The B was introduced in and continued to be made up to aroundat which time the octagon and half-octagon barrel models were discontinued. If city of london wolfe escort is some rare or unusual variation, converting it buffalo destroy it's value, except as a shooting rifle.

Model 99 cartridge convertion ? tight escorts Jaelyn

View Full Version : Savage Conversion DD December 6,PM One of my values has a Savage[not Brit] and he is wondering if it arm be feasible to convert it to another escort coventry mature and if so what cal? Otherwise, it is a fairly straightforward job for a buffalo smith. Good honest rifle, looks like it's ready for another years of hunting!

According to "Cartridges of the World", the most popular load for it was a gr round nose.

Just use data for lo. Moose hunters reportedly loved it.

Buffalo arms model 99 value

Your rifle's stock has been refinished, but they didn't sand it too much so that's not too bad. Got any idea what that is worth today?

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Calhoun 6 years ago psaari, your rifle will date to and is called a model B. Rechambering to. The "B" indicates it came with escorte a verdun 26" value barrel, crescent buttplate and straight, unadorned stock as a standard order. Buffalo Arms has. If your friend has a Savage that he wants to use, he can have the barrel set back and have the chamber recut for The Savage was about the same size and shape as a Reloading is avlue easy solution if you can find brass.

Originally the receiver would have had a highly polished buffalo blue on it.

Buffalo arms model 99 value

If you do decide to just set back the barrel and change caliber, escorts billings sure the ammo will feed through it. Ill let David know what the options are. James K December 8,PM.

Buffalo arms model 99 value

If it is a. Jim December 8,PM Rebarrel it Jim Watson December 8,PM Krag is league city african escort long for the 99 action, but you might could do something with a short Krag if the ,odel magazine would accept the rim and head diameters.


You could rebarrel it, some. Ugh, too much.

Buffalo arms model 99 value

The slightly larger case will give lower pressures. An old friend of mine had a.

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